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Ceramic Coating




There are many benefits to Ceramic Coatings. The coating provides as a sacrificial, clear coat barrier to the surface being coated. This protectant produces a deep gloss that is hydrophobic (repels water and dirt) and is super easy to clean. Ceramic coatings last dramatically longer than traditional waxes and sealants. The reason it outlasts the best waxes on the market is because the ceramic coating bonds to the surface instead of laying on top of it. You can compare it to a real tattoo versus fake tattoo, to keep things simple. Your fake tattoo will last maybe a week; just like traditional carnauba waxes may last 1-3 months. A real tattoo will last a lifetime. Likewise, with ceramic coatings as long as we maintenance the coating properly the coating will last  longer than not.



  • Hydrophobic

  • Easy to Clean

  • Easy maintenance

  • Deep Gloss

  • Package Comes with one stage of paint correction

  • Ultimate Paint Protection

  • Never wax again

  • Sacrificial clear coat layer

  • 3 year warranty with Maintenance plan

  • Need I say more...

Front of Car


Spray Ceramic

8  months - 12 months


We use Black Ice from TLC. It is a great cost effective protectant that lasts up to a year and half with proper maintenance. Applied after exterior detail and single stage paint correction. Comes with exterior detail, 1 stage paint correction, Ceramic Sealant on paint and trim (Ceratrim from TLC), Interior vacuum and Window cleaning.



Sports Car



CSL and EXO 

3 years - 5 years 


Advanced package comes with a full interior vacuum and wipe down with steam sanitation. Includes full exterior decontamination, hand wash, clay bar, 1stage paint correction, 1 Layer of 9h Crystal Serum Light with 1 Layer of Exo as a topper. We coat the exterior windows with G1 ClearVision Smart Glass and wheel faces with C5 wheel armor.

This option is best for consumers that lease vehicles and want to keep them looking clean and PROTECTED for the duration of use. This is also a great option for people who do not need a lifetime of protection but want something with great scratch protection properties, hydrophobic properties, enhanced gloss, enhanced all around protection that lasts SIGNIFICANTLY LONGER than ANY wax* on the market.



Sports Car




7+ Years


Ultra package includes full interior vacuum, steam sanitation, windows and wipe down of all surfaces. Includes full exterior decontamination, hand wash, clay bar, 1 stage paint correction, 4 Layers of 9h Crystal Serum Light with 1 Layer of EXO as a topper. We coat the exterior windows with G1 ClearVision Smart Glass and wheel faces with 2 Layers of C5 wheel armor.

This option is best for consumers who want the ULTIMATE protection for their vehicle. The Ultra Package is basically 4 layers of clear coat with an extra flexible hybrid coat that provides protection on top of the 4 layers. It will be the slickest and literally the cleanest car in any parking lot. Consumers who go with this option usually own cars that are exposed to lots of rock chips, snow, salt, road tar, tree sap, etc. This package is great for Antique Cars, Car Collections that are $$$$, Sports Cars, The Sunday driver that you have had for 15 years and has 9,000 miles, or any vehicle that wants the ultimate protection.



*All of the estimated lifespans of the coatings are subject to owner of the vehicles driving and maintenance habits. Ceramic coatings are not bulletproof but provide the best protection for your vehicles paint unless you go with a PPF and ceramic on top of that (which is super expensive and can cost over $6000 for complete coverage). After we provide ceramic services and any other services we offer maintenance plans to protect your car and investment in our work done. If no proper maintenance is exercised your ceramic coat will be compromised faster than the stated lifetimes above.Please call if you have any questions concerning your ceramic coating. 

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