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Since 2018, North Shore Details has been providing excellent mobile detailing services. At North Shore Details, our mobile detailing services include paint corrections, polishing and waxing, trim restoration, stain removal, oxidation removal, maintenance packages, ceramic coatings, fleet services, sanitation and much more. We service the Eastern Massachusetts areas from Boston to Rockport. WE ARE MOBILE, if you need us at home, work, at the store, or anywhere; we will be there. If need be, we do offer complimentary pick up and drop off of your vehicle for added convenience. We customize our services based on the job's specific needs, so get in touch today to receive an initial quote.


About Us

Professional, Reliable, Quality, Repeat

Since we opened, we’ve been committed to providing service of the highest quality, paying particular attention to working efficiently while keeping the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise.

The goal of my business is to detail your airplane, auto, and/or vessel and then create a maintenance package that works with your budget to maintain the showroom finish of your airplane, auto, or vessel. 


Our mission at North Shore Details is simple: educate our clients and to provide high-quality services. Our team caters to each project’s specific needs to ensure excellence. We know you’ll find what you’re looking for. For more information or general inquiries, feel free to get in touch today.


Specialty Services

Along with our Automobile Services offer Aircraft, Marine, and RV detailing. No job is too big for our team to handle. We are insured, so no matter where you are docked, parked or where you land our team is able to get the job done.


Recreational Vehicle

Starry Night

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are your home away from home. For some it is there home. The main purpose of an RV is to have a mobile place to sleep while on the go, which leaves it vulnerable to the outdoor elements of bugs, brake dust, dirt, grime, sand, snow, sun oxidation, water spots, and the list goes on. Protecting the exterior of the RV will allow the RV to hold value longer than an RV that has not been taken care of. The exterior is not the only part of the RV that takes a beating, the interior also gets it's share of wear and tear with the foot traffic and regular home activity such as bathing, cooking, and simply sitting on the couch. Let us protect your investment's exterior and interior will our professional services.



Taking care of your aircraft is an important investment that should be a top priority for aircraft owners. Cleaning the interior of the aircraft is paramount to keeping your aircraft looking clean. Most of your time will be spent inside of the aircraft so keeping it immaculate is a must. We deep clean the interior top to bottom, including the cockpit, and all compartments (including the baggage compartment). The exterior of the aircraft is also important due to aerodynamics. We polish, and wax or ceramic coat the entire exterior that will have your aircraft gliding through the skies. This also will reduce fuel costs.


Yacht Deck

Boating is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Keeping your vessel clean does not only make it look nice, it is an essential part of the boat's maintenance. Bilge grime, corrosion, sun oxidation, soot, etc. need to be cleaned regularly to keep your bilge, boat deck, gel coat, glass, metal components, and upholstery maintained properly. We offer the very best service when it comes to cleaning your vessel. We offer basic exterior washes, hull cleaning, bilge cleaning, cabin detailing, polish, wax, and even ceramic coating which is the ultimate protectant. Let us bring back or maintain your vessel's glory days.

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